February 02, 2016

The Art Of Rocking A Wooden Watch

Looking to show off your new wooden watch? Wood timepieces are all the rage, but there’s always the risk that a small watch will go unnoticed amidst the rest of your clothes. The following tips will help you get the most out of your wristwatch:

The Eco-Friendly Look

One of the most celebrated aspects of wooden watches is their minimal impact on the environment, particularly if the wood is pure, and hasn’t been adulterated with plastic or synthetic materials. Wood is a renewable resource, and certain kinds of wood, such as bamboo, can be renewed quickly and with minimal cost to the environment. Most wooden products are either recyclable or biodegradable, meaning your watch need not end up in a landfill after it breaks down. Handmade watches are particularly good, as they do not require energy-intensive equipment to manufacture.

For these reasons, many environmentalists choose wooden watches as part of a broader eco-friendly outfit. Sustainable clothing not only lessens your impact on the environment, but when combined with a sense of style, it can make environmentalism look attractive, enticing others to adopt the same sustainable practices. 

Choosing The Right Colors

Once you’ve found an eco-friendly brand you like, it’s time to design an outfit! The trick is to pick pants, shirts, sweaters, and jackets that will bring out your watch without clashing with it. The following are some of the best color combinations to wear with brown wooden watches:

Purples and Yellows: If you have a light brown watch, combine it with a dark purple jacket and a yellow shirt for a great contrast.

Greens and Blues: These colors are especially good for complementing dark brown watches. One option is to wear blue jeans and a jade sweater.

Oranges and Reds: Orange long-sleeved shirts are great for bringing out a dark brown watch, while dark red sleeves go well with light brown watches.

Other Shades of Brown: If you’re going for an all-brown look, make sure to differentiate your clothing by shades of brown. If you have a caramel colored watch, for example, consider pairing it with a tan shirt or jacket and chocolate-colored pants.

To complete the eco-friendly look, make sure your clothes were colored with low-impact dyes, which require less water and don’t contain toxic chemicals or heavy metals.